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Working with the New Billionaires has been an eye opening experience to say the least. In my experience the hardest person to find in business is someone who takes massive actions. These guys are the epitome of action takers. They’ve helped me to hone in my skills as a marketer and focus in on what’s important and cut out the crap. Something that also must be mentioned when talking about Keril and Eric is the high level of integrity that they bring to the table every time we work together. Their no B.S. attitude helps us to save time and get productive without any of the normal formalities. I enjoy watching these two guys grow and their energy is driving an entire industry.

Thomas Typinski
Dominant Approach Internet Marketing

I have certainly been guilty of letting a year slip by without making any meaningful progress towards some of my goals. Keril and Eric’s book helped me to evaluate my goals and make sure I was truly aligned with them and motivated to achieve them. The book also helped me to put steps in place so I could measure my progress and revise my actions if things weren’t going to plan. Since reading the book I quit the job I had grown to hate, moved to Australia (from England) and am now enjoying life in the sun while I continue to work on achieving all that is important to me.

Laura Forbes
Sydney, Australia