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How To Make It In America EP04: How Miscalculating the Hard Work it Takes to Actually Reach Your Goals is Affecting You

May 27, 2014 in Book Reviews, MAGAZINE, Mindset, Motivation, Psychology of the Rich, Psychology of the Successful

Your goals are going to take you longer than you think they are. I know you don’t want to hear it, but it is the truth in most cases. Based on “mainstream” society programming a lot of people think that there are shortcuts you can take to acheive the goals they want to accomplish. Instead of buckling down and doing the hard work they are spending most of their time looking for an easier way. Even if you were able to find a shortcut or catch a lucky break you wouldn’t be able to repeat your success. When you systematically and diligently reach your goals, you can not only duplicate them, but you can teach others. Let us take lottery winners for example. They don’t know anything about wealth and usually have not been good at managing money. This is why most of them end up losing their wealth relatively quickly. By miscalulating the work and effort it takes to really achieve your goals you are making life harder than it has to be. If you want to learn more watch the video. :-)

What makes a top earner in Network Marketing? Is it the colorful striped shirts and shining suits most top earners wear?

February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s got to be the shirt and those shining suits, or is it? Let’s explore this phenomenon further. Here’s my perspective on what makes a top earner in Network Marketing or MLM. Network marketers fall into three categories — 90% in the first category, 9% in the second category, and the top 1% in the third and final category.

The first Category is called the Tactical Network Marketer:

These are the marketers that have no plan whatsoever on how to grow their network marketing business. You see them patching their opportunity using the three- foot rule or spamming you on Facebook with their patch. Some even go as far as sending you a friend-request on Facebook just to patch you their opportunity. These tactical network marketers pitch their business to any and everyone just to get the next rep. They soon start wondering why they just can’t sign up or convince one person to join in their business. These tactical network marketers will work with anyone who agrees to try their opportunity even if they know that person isn’t the caliber or person they should spend time with.

Example of a Tactical Network Marketer

Tactical Marketer: Hey Eric, what’s up? How’s business?

Eric: Great, Mr. Tactical Marketer! What’s up?
Tactical Marketer: My income :)

Eric: Really? That’s nice! (Silently, I’m asking, is this guy serious?)

Tactical Marketer: Yeah, it’s nice making all this money and you can too.

Eric: No response. (Please don’t do this)

The second category is called the Strategic Network Marketer:

These are effective networkers that are able to connect with people and build rapport. They are also skilled recruiters and solid leaders that are very effective in team building. They are very strategic when it comes to developing long term plans to grow their business, but they lack the tactical skills needed to grow their business fast. Unlike the tactical network marketer, they first build relationships with their prospects before pitching their business opportunities to them. These networker marketers are solid business builders, but their methods are difficult to duplicate which may be the reason for the slow growth in their business. None the less, they still do well in the industry,

The third and final category is the Strategic/Tactical Network Marketer:

These are the guys and gals that wear the fancy shirts and shining suits :) . Like the second category, they are very strategic in their business building efforts. They have an approach that is so systematic that it’s scary. Like the strategic network marketers, they are continually building relationships through a detailed step- by-step system. Every day, they are enrolling new representatives using their tactical skills. The only difference between them and the tactical networkers is, they have already gone through the relationship building process with the prospect that’s now being enrolled. It’s like a cycle of relationship building and recruiting on a daily basis. These individuals are always in “phase one” and their system is so simple that it’s duplicated throughout their organization. They are never desperate to find their next rep because they have tons of people to talk to. The top earners have standards; they just won’t work with everyone.

If you find yourself doing anything we talked about in the first category, let me be the first to tell you that it’s not effective. You will frustrate yourself and you then think network marketing doesn’t work. Not everyone is interested in money, but you will never know if you just pitch them on how rich they could be. Next, you never want to tell people how much you make because it’s not about you. Everyone results aren’t going to be the same. Most times, the people who pitch on how much they make don’t really make any money in this industry.

As always, I would love to get your thoughts so leave us your comments. Also share the love.

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What do skeptics, risk taking, and financial hardship have in common?

February 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday we had a young lady tell us a story about a guy who bet against the real-estate bubble and when it came crashing down became a multi-millionaire. As she told us this story, the theme became clear. She explained how everyone told him that he was crazy to think that way, he should be investing and making money like everyone else. Right in that moment, we had an epiphany. Here it is, “Whatever the masses are doing, I’m going to do the exact opposite.” The masses are skeptics and the rest of the population are the visionaries, entrepreneurs, and go getter’s.

This thought process wasn’t that defined prior to our conversation with this young lady. The key difference between visionaries/entrepreneur and skeptics are, visionaries are willing to tap into a new realm of possibilities that might be scary or unfamiliar. Frankly, the masses aren’t. The skeptics allow their fears to take over, which then allows them to find anything negative to validate their reasoning for not tapping into that unknown space of possibilities.

Visionaries and skeptics behavior are as different as night and day. There are tons of significant differentiating factors between the two. Visionaries/entrepreneurs are students to personal development and success, while skeptics are followers. A successful person doesn’t let life’s problems stop them from pressing forward; however, skeptics and the less inspired do.

Listen to this example, let’s say we call one of our millionaire buddies who’s house roof sustained some minor damage due to a storm and he or she has some contractors coming by to fix it. We say to him or her, “We’ve just got you some tickets to go to a Darren Hardy (Editor of Success Magazine) seminar the day the contractors are coming out to fix your roof. He’s going to share some million dollar ideas with you.” The chances that he or she reschedules the contractors to come out at a later date is 98 percent higher than that of the average skeptical less inspired person. Now let’s fast forward, the millionaire goes to the seminar and gets an idea that helps him makes an extra ten million dollars. The skeptic or cynical person 98 percent of the time would say, “well, I have the roofers coming out and it will cost me 100 bucks to have them reschedule. Besides I heard Darren Hardy brain washes people.” Probably heard that from another skeptical person!. So because of 100 bucks and that silly belief or comment about brain washing that they absolutely made up just to justify why they shouldn’t go, they missed out on the idea that Darren Hardy shares that could have made them 10 million dollars. Are you laughing right now? It sounds insane right? Yes it does, but believe us when we tell you that we see it all the time!!!!!!!!!!

The point here is this, stop focusing on the trivial things like cleaning up the garage and fixing the screen door.
When you are presented with an opportunity to enhance your life, take advantage of it. Why not go to a Darren Hardy seminar, get an idea, implement it, and reap the rewards? Once you do that, you won’t have to worry about that old screen door, the roof, or even the house for that matter. You’ll now be able to afford a home where the screen door and the roof aren’t damaged!

So guys, focus on what successful people focus on, not what the skeptics focus on. If you deviate from the norm and do the exact opposite of what the masses are doing, you are on the right track. Love to get your feedback so leave us your comments.

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