Marketing For New Business Video Series Ep 2: Identity & Culture

March 24, 2012 in NBTV

    Marketing For New Content Video Series Ep 2

    Marketing for new business, culture and identity; what’s yours? For me, it’s about being a mogul and sports superstar. Okay, that’s a bit ridiculous; I’m not an athlete even though I’m semi good at basketball. I’m going off base here, sorry about that.

    In today’s “Marketing for New Business” episode, we’re talking about creating a culture and an identity for your brand and business. Sort of how apple, coco-cola, and other well-known products have done for themselves. This is an extremely important step that must be taken. This is an integral part of the process to building a successful business that could give you the money, time and results you want in your business.

    So, today, in the second episode of the “Marketing for New Business Video Series”, we’re going to share with you the second simple strategy to help you get results in 2012 and beyond.

    Today’s video is all about creating an identity and culture. Culture & Identity

    Enjoy and leave us your comments.

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