why do kids dream big & adult dream small

January 31, 2012 in MAGAZINE

    Hey Guys,

    As kids, we all believed that we could do and achieve anything we wanted. We were all full of ambition, enthusiasm, and positivity. We personally remember our friends telling us, “We are going to be gazillionaires one day” and our response was something along the lines of “Well, we are going to be gazillionaires PLUS ONE someday!” As kids we were always striving to be the best; those were fun times. We all had big audacious dreams that we 100% believed that we were going to accomplish. However, as we grew older, those dreams got smaller and smaller. Why is that so?

    One theory is this, as you get older, you start interacting with individuals that aren’t as ambitious, enthusiastic, and driven as we are. They have lost their ability to dream big, and it starts to rub off on you. As the years go by, they now start to believe life should be certain way. They become close minded, and sometimes start to refer to themselves as being a realist. Well, kids aren’t realist like most of these folks, they are dreamers. Imagine if kids remained dreamers throughout their adult years, how will this world be? We would have an idea and we would be able to convey it in one word “AWESOME”. We would work towards our big dreams, achieve them, and make a difference in this world.

    Most people who say they are realist love to point to examples like someone who 4 feet tall and weighing a hundred pounds can’t make it to the NBA or NFL. Not everyone will be able to graduate from college. We’ll share a big secret with you that you might not have known, if that first big dream doesn’t workout, there should be many more big dreams where that one came from! And Guess What!?? One of them will work out!!!! Everything doesn’t work out perfectly all the time, but don’t let that stop you. Just focus on the next big dream and go for it, you are bound to find one that will absolutely revolutionize your life. We talk to folks all the time that claim to be realist who tell us about their past dreams and why they don’t dream big anymore. The conversation always starts like this “My dream was to do X Y & Z but because”……..”TIME-OUT” any sentence that includes the words but or because is what we call excuses.

    The reason why kids dreams are bigger than adults is simple; kids don’t have the self limiting subconscious beliefs that adults have. Due to past experience, adult try not to dream big because they are afraid to fail again. The top five percent that own the world’s wealth are all big dreamers that failed countless times, the only difference is they kept dreaming big until they found something that worked. Big dreamer’s dreams are realistic to them, realist dreams are full of mental obstacles that can’t be overcome.

    John Maxwell says, we need to start dreaming big dreams again. Our dreams should be like a Boeing 747. A dream so big that it needs a run way to take off and when it takes off, there’s no stopping it. We as adults tend to pursue helicopter dreams. Dreams that require no runway, you can just hop in and take off. The problem with that is halfway through the flight, if things don’t workout, you can always land right back where you started. Ladies and gentleman, dreaming big will get you were you want to be in life, don’t let doubt or self-limiting subconscious beliefs hold you back. We need to go out and achieve our big fat hairy audacious dreams also known as “BFHA” Dreams!” or B-747 dreams.”

    Take some time to reflect on this. We look forward to seeing you all at the pinnacle of your success.

    Keril Sawyerr & Eric Kai-Lewis
    New Billionaires Inc.

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