The Tragedy Of Self Importance And How It’s Affecting Your Goals

March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

    Are you on pace to hit the goals you set this year? If not, why not? Let me share a brilliant insight with you. There is SOMEONE out there that has already accomplished the goals you are trying to accomplish. Why haven’t you asked them to help you? Why haven’t you asked for guidance?! I already know your answer, you don’t think they will respond or better yet, you don’t want to impose on them. You think they might think a certain way of you or they might reject you. Read the last couple of sentences and tell me what pattern you notice? Right! It’s all about YOU! Well if you keep up that mindset you won’t accomplish half the stuff you were meant to accomplish in life. I’m not even talking about this year. I am talking about EVER. We need you to be successful. The world needs your contribution to society and we need it NOW. Stop worry about what people think of you and start playing to win.
    Are you going to play to win, leave us a comment and share with us how?

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