the marathon just started, so why are you running so fast?

August 20, 2010 in MAGAZINE

    Hey Guys,

    Let’s get right into this thing. How many of you ran in a marathon before? Have you ever heard the gun sound and seen people take off running as fast as they can? What usually happens, those folks usually finish a 3-hour marathon 2 days later after everyone else or if at all, right?

    Why the big rush? Yes it’s a race, but your start is critical to your success. How about when you’re eating? What happens when you eat your dinner like you’re in an eating contest on ESPN? How does that workout for you? What happens when you have an exam in the morning and you plan the night before to start studying? How does that usually work out for you? Look, we can go on for days with different examples, but you get the point.

    This is what we call ‘the measure once and cut approach’. You’re in such a rush that you don’t take the time to measure properly before cutting. Using this method is destructive to any business. So why would you continue to use this method in your pursuit of success in your business? Have you ever heard the saying “Success is a journey, not a destination”? That’s one of the most profound sayings we’ve heard since venturing into entrepreneurship. So true—the journey is the true fortune on your way to success.

    We all love to have fast results in everything we do, right? Let’s take this as an example, I’m not a personal trainer, but I do know that if I haven’t worked out in years, I won’t go to the gym and start working out as though I was a professional athlete. I would start slow to get my body to adapt to the exercise before picking up the pace.

    Implementing this approach to your business will set the foundation that could allow you to build a strong and thriving business. It starts with you putting a lot of time and energy in the forefront. Take, for example, network marketing. When you enroll someone in your opportunity, the first 48 hours are critical. You’re responsible for giving that new person the chance to win within your opportunity. It’s your responsibility to spend the time with them in the very beginning to help build that foundation for them to build upon. Network marketing is a business of duplication; what you do (positive or negative) will duplicate throughout your organization.

    The approach that we’ve used for years within our business is what we call ‘the measure 5 times and cut once approach’. Apply this approach to any business you are involved in and see what a difference it makes. You always want to do measurements 5 to 6 times before you cut anything. If you measure once and cut, if your measurement was off, guess what? You’ll have to throw out that piece of wood. You were in such a rush to get started that you didn’t invest the time and effort to make sure your measurement was correct. As a result, you ruined a perfectly good piece of wood. In your world, the piece of wood represents your clients, business partners and prospects. Take the time to invest in them in the very beginning. If you show the commitment to them in the beginning, they will be committed to you for a very long time and the payoff will be astronomical for all.

    Take sometime to reflect on this. Till next time hope to see you all at the pinnacle of your success.

    Keril Sawyerr (301)-343-7878
    Eric Kai-Lewis (240)-425-2834

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