the genius is in the testing!!

October 14, 2010 in MAGAZINE

    What do we mean when we say the genius is in the testing?  Jay Abraham, one of the most prolific marketers of our time, uses  that saying.  You never know what’s going to work, so test everything until you find what works.

    You can try a few things and find nothing that works and live an average life, or you can try everything until you find that one thing that could lead you to have a memorable life.

    How can you apply this approach to your business?  Simple!  Test out everything the experts recommend until you find something that works for you.  Find your niche and explore ways to market your products or services.   Here are a few tips you can test out for your business today.

    For Network Marketers:

    Try speaking engagements; get out of the stands and get onto the court.  You  will connect with far more people in  a given event if you were the keynote speaker than you would if you were in the audience.  DO SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS!

    Traditional Business owner:

    Try marketing to a target market.  Do a mail campaign to some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in your geographical location.  Use greeting cards because research shows that they are the most open piece of mail.  Put a 80% off coupons in your mail campaign or offer some free giveaways.  Have your target customers be your marketers by giving away some freebees.  They can display your products and services to their friends who are most likely just as wealthy as they are.  You get 10% out of those wealthy home owners as customers, and 10 percent of their friends as customers, what could that do for your business?

    Take some time to reflect on this, can’t wait to see you all at the pinnacle of your success.

    Keril Sawyerr & Eric Kai-Lewis
    Phone: (760)-569-6243
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