Synthesized Imagination

May 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

    Good Afternoon, Today we will discuss one of our favorite subjects, “Imagination”. The human imagination is divided into two separate forms: synthesized imagination and creative imagination. Most people are just not aware of the two.  Over the next two articles we will discuss the value of both and how to use them.

    Synthesized Imagination

    The most creative people in the world use synthesized imagination most of the time to come up with their ideas. Synthesizing which is another term for putting the right things together in the right way is the height of creativity. Occupations that use this form of imagination are mostly scientist, cooks, inventors, mechanics, and salespeople. Please read the excerpt from the “Think and Grow Rich, The 21st Century Edition Workbook” for a great example of  how to use synthesized imagination.

    “Nothing makes the point about synthesized imagination more clearly than the story of how Thomas Edison synthesized various bits of knowledge to create the light bulb. Edison’s invention is not only the perfect example of synthesized imagination; it’s also the perfect illustration of creative thoughts working in conjunction with the store-house concept of the subconscious mind.

    ·Edison clearly had a definite chief aim, and that was the desire to make a workable light using electricity. He certainly had faith in his ability to accomplish his desire, and he must have strongly emotionalized his desire or it never would have sustained him through ten thousand failures.

    ·In his conscious mind, Thomas A. Edison had a vast number of facts about electricity, scientific theory, the properties of materials, and the laws of nature. He consciously accepted or rejected thousands of little bits of information that he consciously knew just to be able to test different combination’s to see which would work.

    ·Out of this came the imaginative, creative thoughts that resulted not only in the electric light bulb, but also in parallel circuits, the dynamo, voltage regulators, fuses, insulation, light sockets, on-off switches, and hundreds of other related products that were created, developed, and patented by Edison.

    ·Which of these creative ideas were developed by Edison due to him deliberately pulling together what he knew in this conscious mind?  Which of these ideas were created from subconscious information that Thomas Edison wasn’t even aware that he knew?  Nobody, not even Edison could answer that. But in either case, the imaginative ideas came about because the desire was clear and firmly planted, and the creative process was encouraged.”(Pg 134 Hartley)

    While reading and writing this article I had an epiphany. How many of you are currently facing a problem that you can’t solve? Are you synthesizing all the information in your brain and trying different angles? Have you tried ten thousand times? If the answer is no, apply the principles listed above and you will find a solution. Thomas Edison created the light bulb using this concept for goodness sake! Now that you understand what synthesized imagination is, use it! How can you apply synthesized imagination to your life? How would it change your life if you were a little more imaginative or opportunistic?  If you apply synthesized imagination, you can become hugely successful just by taking the most common everyday thing and seeing how to put it together in a new way that could not only benefit you, but benefit man kind.  Just ask Thomas Edison.

    Take some time to reflect on this.  We look forward to seeing you all at the pinnacle of your success.


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