rhino vs. the hammerhead shark, who wins???!!??

September 2, 2010 in MAGAZINE

    Hey Guys,

    If you haven’t encountered these types of individuals before, you eventually will.  Whether it’s in business or in life, just know that they are all around you and it’s up to you to develop the mental aptitude to rise above and stay focused on your dreams.


    These are the people who see value in your services and/or business opportunities.  They know that it’s in their best interest to take advantage, but they won’t because of fear.  “Don’t try to change this; it’s just the way it is.”

    Hammerhead Shark:

    These are the individuals who think they know it all, not coachable, want to do everything their own way.  These are the folks who want to ‘re-invent the wheels’ because they feel they can do it better.   Working with hammerheads will only raise your stress levels and eventually lead to your downfall.  Don’t try to change these individuals; spend your time with people who want to be coached.  The hammerheads might come around when they are humbled by the failure they experience trying to ‘re-invent the wheels’.

    Dream robbers:

    These are some dangerous people who you need to stay away from.  There are only 9 of these individuals in the world, but be careful because they move around a lot.  These are the people who will tell you that it will never work.  You want to be a musician, they will tell you to not even waste your time because if you make it and get a deal, you’ll be a one hit wonder.  So, don’t waste your time; you need to just continue working here with me at McDonald’s and try to become a manager.

    Gossip Blogger:

    These are the individuals who come into your business and instead of working to build the company, they gossip about who’s doing what and who’s not doing what.  They try to poison your organization with rumors and other nonsense.  One rotten apple like this can spoil the entire batch.  I have seen it ruin some awesome individuals’ businesses.   Recognize these people and keep them far away from your business.


    Babies are so cute, but babies don’t belong in business.  These are the individuals who will wait for you to do everything for them.  The day you’re not able to, they won’t be able to survive.  Only deal with babies if you are in the daycare industry, otherwise, don’t!

    Talk about it guy or girl:

    These folks are just way too funny.  These are the individuals that see your opportunity and say,  “I’m in!  I know so many people that are just looking to do something like this.  I’m going to make you super rich.  I’m going to call all of my CEO friends so we can invest millions in your business, just you wait and see.”  You call them the next day, leave a message, and they never return your call, up to this day (LOL).  Sometimes, we just want to go by what people say, but it is always wise to go by what they do.


    These are the folks who come into your business so smoothly and as soon as you hit a rough patch, they move in to sell you one of their businesses.  “Do I have a deal for you; it pays 17% on 25 levels; it’s just so awesome, you need to come over and bring your entire sales force with you.  These individuals have a serious lack in integrity and they will expose themselves.  They will tell you how great the compensation plan is with their business to get you in. Beware!

    This is what you have to deal with when you enter the world of entrepreneurship.  It takes focus and determination to thrive in this realm; that’s why only 5% own 95% of the wealth.  You have to be a rhinoceros to excel in this realm.


    The Rhino weighs over a ton and its skin is about 3 inches thick.  If you notice, the rhino’s head is always down and looking straight forward.  Their ears are like blinders.  They are focused on their goals.   They have the weight, the tough skin, and the straight vision to achieve their dreams and goals.  If any one of the previous annoys the rhino long enough, it will chase them down and attack to protect its dreams.   “ARE YOU A RHINO”?

    Take some time to reflect on this, till next time, hope to see you all at the pinnacle of you success.

    Keril Sawyerr  (301)-343-7878
    Eric Kai-Lewis (240)-425-2834
    web: www.new-billionaires.com

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