Dear Lord, please send me the ideal prospect so I can get rich overnight

July 18, 2013 in MAGAZINE

    What’s going on people? This one goes out to all my marketers and anyone trying to grow a business. Let’s talk about prospects and customers today. We all know that revenue and profits of any business come from customers. Duh. A long-term profitable business comes from repeat customers who you have built strong relationships with. The most successful network marketers build large teams of distributors that acquire lots and lots of customers.  You get all that. Now let’s rewind for just a second. Before you have a customer, you have a prospect.  No matter who you are (unless of course you are Batman) and how good you are, a lot of your prospects won’t join your network marketing business or become your customer. There are laws, theories, and statistics that prove this so I won’t dive in to that conversation today. For the sake of keeping this article simple and short, just know that typically only 10% of the prospects that you will talk to become representatives or customers. You get that logically, but the emotional side of you…the lizard brain part of you doesn’t want to believe this. You think there is a way to find a perfect prospects. YOU think there is a secret land of “yes”, where all prospects say, “yes” all the time as soon as you meet them.  YOU think there are so many perfect prospects out there that you get filthy, stinkin rich over night…all you have to do is find them.  Sorry to burst your bubble. This is not so my friend…. at least not today. Maybe in the year 2099 when we all turn in to robots. Yes, when we talk, walk, and think the same then maybe prospects will always say yes, but not until then keep dreaming. No amount of chanting around a hot fire and singing kumbaya will make it so. If you are getting depressed reading this, don’t because there is hope! I have the solution to your problem!

    You see, the problem is you are dealing with people and people are hard to predict. Most of them don’t know what they want so how in the hell are they going to be able to tell you?  I’m going to answer this one for you…they are not. Selling ANYTHING is a process, not an event. Putting the proper process in place will help you find people who REALLY want what you are offering, but this will happen over time. When starting a business the goal should be to meet with as many prospects as possible and get them in your marketing and follow up funnel. If they buy something from you on the first interaction great, but this isn’t usually how it happens. It usually takes seven to eight touches. The marketing funnel helps you get close to a perfect a prospect as possible because you are able to stay in constant communication with them. Let’s describe the ideal prospect The ideal prospect is someone who understands what you offer, trust you, and thinks you are capable of solving his or her problem.  While there is no perfect prospect, with the right marketing funnel, you can get really close to talking with more of the ideal prospects for your business. I even have an example for you…

    Dan Kennedy has a solid marketing funnel. Check out Dan Kennedy’s funnel by clicking on the link below, going to his site, and getting the free gift on the right hand side. Finally, I’ll leave you with these questions. How are you enticing your potential prospects to meet with you? What are you offering your potential prospects to meet with you? Are you willing to put the time and effort it takes in to creating a marketing funnel that gets you closer to your ideal prospect? If the answer is yes, get moving!

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