Noah Kagan: CEO of AppSumo Interview with New-Billionaires

February 24, 2012 in MAGAZINE, NBTV

    Stop whatever you are doing right now because this interview will be the most important piece of content you’ll see this year.

    Recently, Keril & I had the opportunity to speak with AppSumo CEO Noah Kagan.   It was one of the most fun and value driven interview we’ve done to date.  It’s chuck full of tips and ideas that Noah has used to build AppSumo to where it is  now.

    As a college student, Koah started a business that did 50K in it’s first year.

    He was the  30th employee at Facebook

    Has started multiple start-up companies

    AppSumo currently has a subscriber list of over 500 “Thousand” people.   “WOW”  and we all know that the value is in the list…….

    If you have any interest in starting a successful business,  building a successful business, or just want to take your current business to the next level.  Then this might be the single most important interview you see this year.  Noah spills the beans on what’s been working for him and what hasn’t.  So with that being said, enjoy…………………………………………………

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