my status is very important to me even if i have nothing to show for it

May 11, 2010 in MAGAZINE

    Hey Guys,

    First and foremost, happy mother’s day to all of the mothers. Everyday should be mother’s day, because without the unconditional love and support you’ll provide to your children, there’s no telling what this world would be like. So for that, we want to thank you all.

    Today’s topic is quite interesting; it’s a topic that Keril and I talked about extensively over the past weekend. So we want to find out what you all think. The examples we use are just hypothetical, but just follow along and analyze it for you.

    There were two young ambitious sisters who one day went to the parents to share their future plans. The first sister said, “Mom and dad, I’ve decided that I’m going to medical school to become a doctor.” Her parents say, “Oh sweetheart, that is great. I’m so proud of you.”

    The next sister says “Mom and dad, I want to become an Internet marketer, or a Mary Kay business owner. The parents say, that’s great honey, just make sure you get yourself a real job or go to school to become a doctor like your sister.

    Now both sisters are very hard workers, ambitious and dedicated to the path they’ve chosen. So the first sister decides to enroll in medical school. 10-13 years later and 350K in debt, she’s now accomplished what she set out to accomplish. It’s great, her parents are so proud of her. She decides to start her own practice. She now has to employ people to the tune of 30K per month, pay office space overhead, pay 150 K for malpractice insurance annually, not to mention paying back the 350 K for medical school. She has a passion to help lots and lots of people. But she soon realizes that she can’t make the difference in the way she desires too. With all the overhead, malpractice insurance, student loans, she’s barely able to keep up. So she has to increase the amount of patients she sees on a daily bases. She ups it to 100-120 patients a day. So now she can only spend 5-13 minutes per patient for every 12 hour day. She’s unable to spend the time she wants with each patient and because of that, she feels unfulfilled. Her work is so intense that it puts a strain on her relationships with her husband and kids. Not to mention, she hardly gets to talk too or see her parents. Two years later, she and her husband gets a divorce. Even though this is the life she lives, people are saying, “She is doing so well. She’s a “Doctor you know.” After all of the overhead and the student loans she’s paying back, she’s probably bringing home 250-300K annually. Which is good money right? But look at what it’s cost her, her parents are still extremely proud of her, but it’s at a distance because they hardly spend time with her anymore.

    On the other hand, the other sister decides to start a Mary Kay business. She was just as dedicated as her sister was to her career path. She put the same amount of effort into her business as her sister did in medical school. But instead of spending 350 K for medical school, she decides to spend 45-50K to learn everything she needed to learn to run a successful Mary Kay network marketing business. She went to all of those Mary Kay conventions and training events and was super committed. After 3-5 years, she’s becomes one of the top Mary Kay business owners. “EVEN HAS ONE OF THOSE PINK CADILLAC S” She learns how to relate to people from all walks of life, she’s developed unbelievable relationships with countless folks that she now calls true friends. She travels all around the world with her business and she met her husband doing Mary Kay. Due to all of the personal development and learning over the years, they have fostered an unbelievable loving, nurturing, and fulfilling relationship that’s grown stronger every single day. They have kids that they get to spend quality time with everyday. She’s able to go and visit her parents and take them to lunch twice a week. Within another 5 years, she’s now grossing 800K- 1 million annually. She’s has no overhead or student loans to payoff like her sister.

    So after 13 years, look at where the two sisters are, which one would you rather be. What’s amazing is this, if we asked people which lifestyle they would like to have, the lifestyle of a doctor or the lifestyle of the Mary Kay business owners without telling them nothing else. Most people in society would rather take the doctor’s lifestyle then the Mary Kay business owner lifestyle. Wow, we thought that was very interesting. People rather have the status and fail in other areas of their lives then to have it all without the status. How interesting is that?

    This is just hypothetical, we are not saying don’t go to medical school to become a doctor, instead do Mary Kay. We’re just pointing out how in today’s world, “STATUS” is everything. What if the sister who did Mary Kay decided that status was more important and decided to go and get a “Real Job” with the status. I wonder????????????

    Just wanted to share this with you guys, hope this is intriguing to you’ll as it was to us. Till next time, hope to see you all at the pinnacle of your success.
    Keril Sawyerr (301)-343-7878
    Eric Kai-Lewis (240)-425-2834
    email: newbillionaires

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