My ex-girlfriend told me it’s the little things that matter: “I say B.S” (THE SLIGHT EDGE THEORY)

April 11, 2014 in MAGAZINE

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    I said B.S initially, but as I reflected on this, I started to realize that she was right. The little things do matter. Oh well, now that I know, I can do better. That was the best piece of advice I heard over 15 years ago.

    So let’s talk about why the little things do matter and how to apply this slight edge concept to your day to day activities. Success is based on your individual goals and desires out of life. When I refer to success, think of what success means to you, only you can determine that.

    Trust me, you can apply this to any aspect of your life. Whether it’s in your MLM business, your love life, or your desire to become a world class badminton champion, whatever it is, use this concept.

    Oh what, I’m the only one that wants to become a badminton world class athlete? Now that’s the true B.S, I know you want too as well. Everyone loves that sport.

    But I digress, here’s today’s video, enjoy.

    P.S… Seriously, is badminton really a sport?

    P.P.S…………… I’m serious, I really don’t know.

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