Marketing Networking & Business Weekly: Direction vs. Perfection

January 25, 2011 in MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

    Hey Guys,

    Today, in our Marketing Networking & Business Weekly series, we discuss Direction vs. Perfection. A perfectionist rarely runs a successful business, whether it’s an online business, network marketing business, or a traditional business. Let me explain. When starting New Billionaires over a year ago, we knew the direction we wanted take our company in. I would always tell Keril, “We need to wait until we get everything perfect. His responds would be, “Stop being a perfectionist, we need to get started.” Now when looking back, I’m extremely glad Keril didn’t listen to me. Take look at our latest video which is by far the best to date. “There a surprise at the beginning, check it out.” :) Then take a look at our first video.

    Do you see the difference? If it was up to me and my past perfectionist mindset, today would be the launch of our very first video. We would have lost a whole year of growth because I wanted all of the videos to be perfect. It’s more important to pick the direction you want to go and take action. If you wait for the perfect time or wait to get everything in place, you will continue to wait. Who knows, you just might never get started.

    Our challenge to you is to take this on, think about what you want to do and think of the reasons why you haven’t gotten started. You’ll realize that your reasons aren’t valid at all.

    As always, leave us your comments and share the love. Look forward to seeing you all at the pinnacle of your success.

    Talk soon

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