i want to be in shape, so i’m going to workout hard and continue to eat burgers, french fries, & milk shake

June 21, 2010 in MAGAZINE

    Hey Guys,

    Another fun filled weekend, Keril went surfing in Cabo while my family and I took our bi-monthly east coast family trip. The only disappointing thing for me was I didn’t get a chance to take my daughter to go see Toy Story 3. You ever notice how these kids’ movies are more entertaining for adults then they are for the kids? I always use my daughter as an excuse to go and watch these movies. Don’t judge me either, you guys better not behave like I’m the only adult with kids that does that.

    But anyway, let’s get down to business. While on the elliptical this morning doing my 45 minutes workout and reading one of my Dan Kennedy books. It hit me, your daily consumption of information or food is not the focus. What’s important is the specific type of information or food you’re taking in. We all know that no amount of exercise will help an individual if they continue to eat unhealthy foods. So if you know that, why would you waste your precious time and hard work in the gym when afterward you go and eat a combo meal at the local fast food joint?

    At this point in our lives, we won’t be able to tell you what democratic or republican said what, what happen on 6th street last night in Washington DC or whatever other stories circulating in the media right now. Why is that? It’s because we refuse to watch any program that takes an hour to share with its viewers all the despicable things that are going on around us. Can you see why 95% of the population think the way they do? You take this kind of trash in your subconscious in the morning before you go to work and in the evening before you go to bed. If you aren’t watching these programs, you’re listening to it on the radio or you are reading it in newspapers or magazines. So how in the world can you think positive thoughts with all this crap you’re consuming? Why do you think there’s a recession going on right now? “That’s because channel 5 news, the local newspaper, the internet, magazines etc, tells you so.”

    You need to take charge of your daily information consumption. When you are digging for gold, you want to remove the dirt right? How would that work out if instead of removing the dirt, you full up that hole with dirt? It’s silly to think you’ll find gold doing that. So is it possible to fill your subconscious with trash and expect to find success? Your mind is a mental factory; whatever you put in is what you’re going to manufacture. You have to protect your mental factory gates with ferociousness. You can be the hardest worker in the world, you can manufacture products after products, but if the material you’re working with is crap, your products will be crap. Whatever you allow in your mental factory determines the outcome of your life, and you’ll have to deal with the consequences of your consumption.

    Think of success as a series of ingredients, think of it as baking a cake. You need milk, flour, sugar, eggs, etc. But during the mixing process, you start to add, plane crashes, recession news, how many people were killed due to violence. Mix all the extra crappy ingredients into your cake, how tasty will that cake be? We want you all to look in your homes right now and see what kind of books or magazine you have around. If you have entertainment magazines, sports magazine, love novels, can you please tell me what life you’re trying to live? Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with reading those magazines, but there’s something wrong if that’s all you read. Look at the people in those magazines taking the vacations you want to take, living in the homes you want to live in, driving the cars you want to drive. Does that sound fun? What are these magazines and novels teaching you to help you acquire those things. If you are looking to excel in your business or financially, I seriously doubt if those magazines and books are going to help you do so. So our advice to you is this, if you want to excel in whatever it is you’re doing right now, you need to step your library game up.

    Why not fill up your home with “Success Magazines, Inc Magazines, Fortune,” and some of the other top money making publications. Why not add some Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Chris Widener, Denis Waitley John Maxwell, Robin Sharma, Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk to your home library. These are the ingredients your mental factory needs to manufacture the success that you want. Success doesn’t care if you need it, want it or desire it. It only finds those who deserve it. 90 percent on all new millionaires in the world were broke ten years ago. The difference between them and the rest is they worked super hard and success found them because they deserved it. For those of you looking for success, we want you to know that it’s not easy. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are being inauthentic. It takes sacrifice and dedication, but the results will be well worth the time and efforts you put in.

    Remember, your mind is like a factory that can produce anything you want, but it starts with providing that factory with the right materials. Take some time to reflect on this. Till next time, we look to see you at the pinnacle of your success.

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