i’m failing too slowly; i need to pick up the pace

October 27, 2010 in MAGAZINE

    Ha Ha Ha, fail fast? Why would anyone want to fail? Not just fail, but fail fast! How many game winners did air Jordan miss before winning a total of six NBA championships? Let’s say, for every 50 game-winning shots he missed, he made one that won him a championship. Do you think that was worth it? Personally, I think so. Quite frankly, I don’t even remember any of the game winners he missed; but I do remember all those championships.

    If I say to you, let’s get to work and in 36 months, you’ll be a millionaire, I can honestly tell you that the end-goal of you being a millionaire is the least of my concerns, what you have to become to become a millionaires is my only concern. The fortune is in the person you will ultimately become after dealing with the setbacks, the negativity, the challenges, and the failure upon failure before reaching that goal. Say you become that person after 36 months, that millionaire, and what if it were all taken away from you? I am confident you will amass that wealth in half the time due to the person you’ve become.

    Whenever I sit with someone to help him/her set goals and formulate plans to achieve them, if they continuously ask me questions like, “what if this happens or what if that happens and it doesn’t workout like we planned?” I say to them, “it never works out like we plan!” My next question is this, “do you need time to reconsider whether we should really work together?” Those questions are usually fear questions, doubting yourself questions. “Fear of failure” is the #1 determinant for living an ordinary life compared to an extraordinary life.

    Don’t run from your fear of failure, embrace it and accept it as part of your journey to the top. We look forward to taking that journey with you, let us know how we can help. Can’t wait to see you at the pinnacle of your success.

    Keril Sawyerr & Eric Kai-Lewis
    Phone: (760)-569-6243
    web: www.new-billionaires.com
    email:newbillionaires@ new-billionaires.com

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