How Watching the Movie the “Wolf of Wallstreet” Can Teach You About the Importance of Promoting Events

December 17, 2013 in Advice, Business Advice, MAGAZINE

    The Wolf of Wall Street

    Can I be honest with you? I sucked at network marketing for a while. I didn’t fully commit. I didn’t put in the necessary time and energy it took to yield the results I “said” I wanted. One of the areas I didn’t focus on was promoting events because I didn’t realize the importance of events. Listen closely; events will get your whole organization on the same page. Events will motivate your team. Events will make everyone money. The company I am currently in does events major four times a year. On top of this, my team does local events every week. When a large portion of my team attends these events I notice a huge spike in production and a large portion of my team get the results they want. When my team doesn’t attend events our results are…well…meh. In the game of network marketing no events means no big money because now you have to train and motivate everyone individually..not  easily duplicated.


    In the book Wolf of Wallstreet, Jordan Belfort said he motivated his team twice a day.. not once, but twice a day. People need to be reminded of the mission, their goals, and their “why”. I won’t get in the neuroscience behind it, but it needs to happen. Church typically meets one a week which helps people stay on track with the religious principles they being taught. Alcohol anonymous meets multiple times a week to help alcoholics stay sober. You and your team should meet once a week and attend EVERY major event your company has. Go watch Wolf of Wallstreet and learn how to promote and motivate like Jordan Belfort. Specifically pay attention to how Jordan Belfort built his organization. Look for the principles and the process. Study it. Practice it. Teach it. Now with that said, Jordan Belfort went to jail so ignore all the illegal activities he used. Please. :-)

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