How To Make It In America EP08: How To Go From Hating Mondays To Loving Mondays (Understanding Buffer Days and how to maxmize weekly result so you can live like a top earner)

June 10, 2014 in MAGAZINE


    You ever had a week where you accomplish absolutely nothing and you don’t know why? I’ve been there and I know how it feels! You shake your head in disgust and try to figure out why. You try and retrace your steps. You vow to yourself that the same thing won’t happen the following week, but it does! Today we will discuss one of the symptoms; lack of planning. To take it a step further and go even deeper it is a lack of planning to plan. If you don’t take a look at your week ahead and plan out your activities you won’t reach you goals and even if you do, it will take you twice as long as it should. Let’ think about those who make a ton of money like football players and other athletes. There are periods where they plan, review, and even rest. They might watch film, review plays,  clean up mistakes from the previous game, and then psychologically get ready for the opponent the following week. Then there are also periods where they must take massive action. An example of a football player taking massive action would be when they actually play the football games.  If you want to be a highly paid individual you must think the same way. There should be a time to plan, take action, assess  and review. Monday should be reserved for the planning, assessing, and review so you make incremental steps to improving you activities and thought processes which will eventually get you to your goals quicker. Once  you start moving closer to your goals life gets more exciting doesn’t it? Try using a buffer day this upcoming Monday and let us know how the week goes for you. I already have a clue that it is going to be amazing. Talk Soon. Your Friend Keril Sawyerr.

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