do not try and bend the spoon…there is no spoon!

January 11, 2012 in MAGAZINE

    What does this mean? In life, people try and change their circumstances without changing themselves. What ends up happening is that they always get the same results. Here are some examples.

    Example A: The employee who always ends up at a job he hates; every single time.

    Example B: The girl who always ends up with a boyfriend who is a jerk; every single time.

    Example C: The guy who thinks the police are only out to get him.

    Most people want to point the blame at the other person or their circumstances. In actuality, they should be looking within or pointing at themselves. Only through self development can one truly become wealthy mental, spiritually, and financially. Then and only then will they be able to change their circumstances. In the matrix example, the spoon is the circumstances in life. Don’t try and bend the spoon when you’re not ready to do so; you will get the same result. You need to grow and self develop. Once you start down this path, and reach your full potential like “NEO”, then you’ll have the ability to bend the spoon or any circumstance that life throws at you. Who knows, you might start flying like Neo did at the very end of that movie! Is it just me, or was that super cool when he walked out of the phone booth, looked up, and started flying? Maybe it’s just me. “Oh well” LOL.

    Can you bend the spoon, I want to know, leave me your comments at the bottom of this post. Now I want this post to spread like a wild fire, so look into my hypnosis image:

    “You are now under my command, you will go and hit the “like” button right now right below this post. Once you are done, you will hit the twitter button too. Do it now, AAWWWWWW, my hold on you is getting weaker on you, “DO IT NOW”… AAWWWWWWWW. Great, you did it. I now release you.



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