chicken alfredo or grill cheese sandwich for dinner? lets go with grill cheese because it’s easier to make

June 24, 2010 in MAGAZINE

    Hey Guys,

    Let’s use this situation as an example, let’s say you had a very long day and you are extremely hungry. You can only choose one, the chicken alfredo or the grilled cheese sandwich. The chicken alfredo will take about an hour to make and the grilled cheese will take about 7 minutes. What would you choose? Be honest, most of you will choose the grilled cheese sandwich. It’s the safe and comfortable choice. Unlike the grilled cheese sandwich, the chicken alfredo takes more time, more work, not to mention spending an hour in a hot kitchen. That could be very uncomfortable right? So we all can agree that the grilled cheese sandwich is the safe, comfortable choice.

    Whether you believe this or not, this simple example can translate to every aspect of your life. If you look at your life right now and you are unhappy with where you are, this means you’ve had one too many grilled cheese sandwiches. It means that you’ve been playing a very small, comfortable, safe game thus far. Let’s apply concept to “say a sales person’s career”. You’re very talented and hard working sales rep. At the beginning of each fiscal year, you project the amount of sales you’re going to be responsible for. Every year you hold yourself responsible for 800K worth of business. Every year you surpass that mark, sometimes by 500K. Now if you are looking at this from your grilled cheese prospective “the safe, easy, and comfortable way”, you’re doing great! But as we look from the chicken alfredo perspective, you suck. Here’s the reasoning behind that, you’re good enough to project 1.8 million a year in revenues and hit that mark. But you are afraid to set that goal and fall short. You’ve always set the bar low enough just so you can clear it. You’re comfortable with projecting 800K, so you settle for that. Your management also looks at this from the grilled cheese perspective. They commend you on your effort, and reward you with little raises here and there.

    After doing this for a while, you start realizing this. You find yourself bored every day at work, frustrated, hating your job. You have no one to blame but yourself. You have made the grilled cheese sandwich part of your economic diet. The thing is this; you can have the chicken alfredo if you really wanted. You might have to take on more responsibilities, go the extra mile, set the bar higher, and challenge yourself. But that’s the risky, uncomfortable route, also the most rewarding.

    The grilled cheese thoughts would have you believe that you need a better job, and then you’ll pour it on”. 100% of the time, that’s not the case. The truth is this, if you were better, you won’t be looking for a better job, you’ll be pouring it on with the job you have now. Another example of playing it small is when apply for a job. Most of you want to apply for the job of your dreams that requires you to have five years experience, but you have three. SO WHAT, you have the talents and skills to apply for it and get it. Stop letting your silly little grilled cheese sandwich thoughts hold you back. Instead of applying for that job that requires five years of experience, you play it safe and apply for the job that requires three years experience and your chances of getting it is greater. You are your own worst enemy, a steady dose of grilled cheese sandwiches has you playing it safe for dinner every night a nd it’s now spilling over to your economic life. It’s holding you hostage from taking that step to better your situation. I don’t care who you are, if you are a project manager, if you have the talents and skills to take on that extra project, you should be taking it on without worrying about if you’ll fail.

    So if you are unhappy with what it is you’re doing in life, take responsibility for that. Shoot higher than the safe space you’ve been operating out of. That’s the only way things are going to change for you. No more excuses on why your life doesn’t work, you have all the tools to make stuff happen. You just need to get up off your butt, get on the court, and take all the shots in crunch time. This is what sets the entrepreneur apart from the business owner who are employee’s of their businesses and the employee. There’s no playing it safe, everything is on the line, its win or go home in the entrepreneur’s world. No matter how hungry they are, you better believe their eating some chicken alfredo that night. Take that entrepreneur attitude to whatever it is you doing and see how that works out for you. Take some time to reflect on this. Till next time, hope to have some chicken alfredo with you’ll&n bsp; “EVERY NIGHT”.

    Keril Sawyerr (301)-343-7878
    Eric Kai-Lewis (240)-425-2834
    email: newbillionaires.

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