Can Facebook Give Your Business A Slap (Like The Google Slap?)

February 7, 2012 in MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips, Social Media

    Hi Keril

    Your account has been disabled because you violated our advertising guidelines repeatedly. Despite being warned multiple times about this issue.  Facebook will not tolerate behavior (Look how facebook is talking to me here, who do they think they are?) that users may find annoying or abusive (Me, abusive?), or that violates our terms of use or advertising guidelines. Failure to adhere to these warnings has resulted in a permanent loss of your account.

    We will not be able to reactivate your account nor will we be able to recover any content within that account. You will also not be permitted to create a new account to restart your Facebook advertising. This decision is final (PLEEASSSEEEEEE Facebook!!!  Give me one more chance………) Thanked you for our understanding.  (No, I don’t understand, come back here and explain it to me Facebook ) LOL

    Now, this was an extremely sad day for us because Facebook is a huge traffic and lead source for our business. But, this was a blessing in disguise because if this wouldn’t have happened, we would have still been spending a lot of our resources managing our ads campaigns. In our master mind group, we happened to mention our dilemma to the group members and they laughed. Our friend Thomas said, “Welcome to the club of banned account”.  I said, “I’m glad to be a part of this exclusive club.” :)  But I still need some Facebook traffic in my life.  I need a fix ASAP.  So Thomas tells us about a service call AdNeedle that can do all of your ads for you.

    All you need to do is put together the copy, the image and where you want your ads to point.  Now, we have a service that can provide us all the stats, and manage all of our campaigns for us. We now can take the time we use to spend managing ads to focus more on some revenue driven activities. We are still testing out the service, but I’m confident it’s going to work extremely well for us.  Thought I’ll share with you because you might be able to benefit from this as well, especially if your accounts have been banned.

    You’re next. Have you ever consider using an ad management company before for your business and if so, which one? What are your experiences with them and why would you recommend them to people? Also share your account shut down stories in the comment section, would love to hear about them and what you did to overcome that roadblock.

    Later alligator

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