1000 no’s divided by 10 yeses = oh my goodness i’m wealthy

February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

    Let’s all join together in saying, “NO is our new best friend”. Let this become part of your makeup, part of your being. The more NO’s you hear or the more failures you experience, the closer you get to that YES or that win that will propel you to greatness. Think about children, or think back to when you were a child. What happened when you heard NO? “Mommy, may I please go out to play?” Mommy replies, “NO”. You reply, “Pleasesssssss,” your mommy says “NO” yet again. You, out of desperation reply, “Please, I’ll clean my room, I’ll wash the dishes when I get back, I’ll do whatever you want, just please let me go outside to play.” Even though you got all those NO’s, you continued asking until you got that one YES. Think about how much fun you had with all of your friends, hanging on the monkey bars, going down the slides, and running around the park. Going through all those NO’s , didn’t it feel like you won when you finally got that YES?

    As adults, you should have this mindset. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. People only want to go for the yeses and do whatever it takes not to hear the word NO. You are supermen and superwomen, why let that silly little two-letter word be your kryptonite. You want to get a raise at work, if you don’t think you’re going to get it, you won’t ask. You rather apply for a new job to make up the difference you are requesting in a salary increase. If you ask once, and the answer is NO, how many of you would ask again at a later date? Statistics show that only 22% would ask for a second time. The statistic for asking a third time significantly decreases from the previous 22%. But what most people don’t realize is that the ratio of getting a YES goes up tremendously after the third time. Let me tell you what NO means, NO means “not right now”. To give you no room for interpretation or misconceptions here, we are referring to NO from a business/economical standpoint”. Develop this attitude and we guarantee you’ll get all the lemonade out of this lemon we call earth. My little sister, Chantal, figured this out during her high school days. She would always ask, “Eric, may I please have $20?” I would always say “NO”. Her response would be “Why not”? My response would be “Because I don’t have it”. Again, she would ask “Why not”? You get my drift, right?. This would go on until she gets $20 from me, every single time. Wow, she was good! We went through this so many times that I just had to give up.

    N.B. Chantal, I know you read our newsletters, so if you call me out of the blue and ask for $20, I’ll know why (LOL).
    Join us on our quest to set a world record for the most NO’s heard in a lifetime. Let’s see how that turns out for each and every one of us. How does that sound? Till next “NO”, see you all at the pinnacle of your success.

    So tell us, how many no’s did you get this week? Leave us your response and share this post.



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