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Psychology of the Rich.

How To Make It In America EP05: Why Understanding the Psychology of Winning is the Key to Your Success

May 27, 2014 in Life, MAGAZINE, Motivation, Psychology of the Rich, Psychology of the Successful

    Success and winning may not be easy, but what you need to understand is that it is a psychological battle more than anything else. I mean even Charlie Sheen knows that! :-) Most limitations are self imposed. The way to break out of these self imposed limitations is to understand the pyschology of winning which is discussed in this video. Enjoy1 If you like this content and want to get updated weekly you can subscribe to our newsletter. :-)

      How To Make It In America EP04: How Miscalculating the Hard Work it Takes to Actually Reach Your Goals is Affecting You

      May 27, 2014 in Book Reviews, MAGAZINE, Mindset, Motivation, Psychology of the Rich, Psychology of the Successful

        Your goals are going to take you longer than you think they are. I know you don’t want to hear it, but it is the truth in most cases. Based on “mainstream” society programming a lot of people think that there are shortcuts you can take to acheive the goals they want to accomplish. Instead of buckling down and doing the hard work they are spending most of their time looking for an easier way. Even if you were able to find a shortcut or catch a lucky break you wouldn’t be able to repeat your success. When you systematically and diligently reach your goals, you can not only duplicate them, but you can teach others. Let us take lottery winners for example. They don’t know anything about wealth and usually have not been good at managing money. This is why most of them end up losing their wealth relatively quickly. By miscalulating the work and effort it takes to really achieve your goals you are making life harder than it has to be. If you want to learn more watch the video. :-)

          Getting Rich Is Easy

          February 10, 2014 in Psychology of the Rich, Winner's Psychology

            Getting rich in America is easy. Why Jim Rohn list three main reasons:

            1. You live in America
            2. You have an unlimited amount of opportunity
            3. You can find a mentor who is already rich who is willing to show you the way

            Watch the video. It's only 10 minutes. Think aobut how these three main points apply to your life and how you can take advantage of them this week.