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Yeah Obama Won, But He Can’t Help You With This!!!!!!

November 7, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE, NBTV, Network Marketing Tips, Social Media

    If you see this often enough, you’re bound to be sick to your stomach.

    In this short video, Keril and I backtrack to about 3 years ago, when I would always call and ask him to transfer 100 bucks into my account so those NSF Fees wouldn’t hit. I was lucky and fortunate to have a friend that I could rely on who had the capabilities and means to help me during those tough times.

    At some point, you hit the threshold and can’t take it anymore, and then you start looking for other options.

    One of those options has been starting my very own online business. Like you, I needed to start my own business and I desperately needed it to work. I had no other options– it was either that, or pretty much lose everything I’ve worked for over the previous seven years.

    As much as I needed this to work, I didn’t have a clue on how to get started. I’ve heard about PPC CCP, OPD, GDS and all these other acronyms that made absolutely no sense to me. I heard about article marketing, video marketing, customer conversions, affiliate marketing, joint-ventures, “before, during and after units,” keyword research, SEO. Imagine how overwhelmed I was. The sad thing about this whole story is that I didn’t even know what service or product I wanted to provide. At this point, you can see I’m getting pissed off and thinking about quitting even before getting started.

    I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. How you feel right now, is just how I felt 3 years ago. So here’s the deal, the videos that Keril and I have put together are designed for that feeling. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started, had your online business for a while and are not getting the results you want, or you have been toying around with the idea of starting. Whatever part of the spectrum you’re on, just know that it’s possible to gain the success you want once you get the clarity you need to create your very own online business.

    Here’s the exciting part, your business can be anything you want–anything that’s exciting to you! You just have to want to do it. The Internet can provide you with all of the material desires, lifestyle desires, and opportunity you’ve been wanting once you understand and embrace the principles of the online business world.

    Click on the link and watch the video. Keril and I are going to have an open conversation with you, so you can determine if an online business is something that you can take advantage of. This video will only be up for a limited time. Watch now!

      I Didn’t Expect That Business Model:

      February 16, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

        Embrace it or else your business will fail within the next 6 to 18 months.Ever heard of the company Zappos and how it was bought out by Amazon for a cool $1B. You might say yeah, Zappos is that online shoe store that sells shoes like everyone else. That’s where you might get this wrong because everyone else sells shoes, but Zappos has one secret that blows their competition out of the water.

        Let me ask you a question, have you ever picked up someone from the airport and asked them how was their flight? Has anyone given you this answer, “We didn’t crash and burn so it was great” You never hear someone say that because that’s what is expected when you take a flight. You don’t talk about the service you pay for and expect. All we are going to talk about are the extras, the bonuses, the free prizes, and the part of the service that’s over the top for no good reason. You can either build this into your business on purpose or you can hope to get lucky, but more often than not, your luck will run out.

        Zappos built this into their business on purpose. CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh took a lot of the marketing budget to bribe and train his team to spend hours on the phone, in chat rooms, with angry customers. He realized that if he could overwhelm people who took the time to call Zappos, that people would talk about it. One of his stories from the early days was about a woman, who would always buy a $300 pair of shoes every Monday, wear it Tuesday through Thursday, and send them back for a full refund on Friday to take advantage of their return policy. In most businesses, if someone was stealing from you at this level you would flag their account and never sell them shoes again. But Zappos kept letting this happen. If this woman was busy bragging about how she was ripping off Zappos every day, most people are honest enough not to-do it. But they would be amazed how generous Zappos ‘ return policy is.
        That’s what people would talk about.

        Your turn:

        What do you think of this didn’t expect that business model. How do you think it could work for you? What bonuses or extras do you have in your business that people can start talking about. Do you think it could work in your industry? I’m anxious to hear from you, so leave me your comments in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share the post as well.

        Talk soon, EKL.

          Check Out This New Silly Shining Object Crap!

          January 30, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE

            At one point in history, the Chicago White Sox were a terrible hitting team. They couldn’t hit a baseball with a tree trunk. The GM at the time didn’t know how to get new hitters because they were over the cap, and all the other sluggers were in long-term contracts. So the only thing left was to send his scout to the minor leagues, to find new talent for their team.

            Weeks went by, and no one could find a solid hitter whatsoever. Then one day out of the blue, one of the scouts called him. He told him about a pitcher that was one of the best pitchers he has ever seen. He went on to explain how this pitcher struck out 27 batters in a row. The amazing part was he didn’t throw a ball for the first 24 batters up. They were all struck out with three pitches each. The 25th batter got one foul ball hit before going down with a strike out.

            The pitcher was the next best thing. The scout asked what he should do.  The GM’s response was, I want you to sign the guy who had the one foul hit.  Here’s the point:  A business has a better chance of succeeding if you know what you are looking for. If you are an online entrepreneur, and all you are looking for is the next app, or next ISO to help you make money online, then you are creating an extremely flawed business model.

            Your online business will not be built on apps or iso, it’s going to be built on the market that’s going to need the service that an app provides.  Like the scout that called about the pitcher — the pitcher was the new shiny object — yes he was great. Yes he could strike out anything that breathes, but the team didn’t need that.

            They needed players that could score runs. It’s important that you spend some time figuring out what you need to focus on before you blindly go out and get distracted by the latest tricks and gadgets that just might not be a fit for what you are trying to accomplish. It comes down to you setting goals, but not just any goals; it’s about determining what those goals should be.

              Does Personality matter in Business?

              January 27, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

                You, my arch-nemesis, have brainwashed my husband.  I don’t understand why a grown man will have a bobble-head doll on his dresser of another grown @$$ man that’s not even an athlete. I don’t know what kind of cool aid you’re giving my husband to drink, but I don’t like it. He’d rather sit around and listen to your CD than work on his business. We used to do so much together. We used to go and get our nails done at the nail salon, and he used to watch me get my pedicure and manicure. Now he doesn’t. You, sir, have ruined my life and you’ve changed my husband.  $^#&**&#$ you, sir.

                Good day,

                Bridget, Your arch-nemesis for life.

                Pretty tough, right? Now this is a letter that a great marketer and entrepreneur received from one of his students’ wives not too long ago.  Now of course this is not the letter verbatim, but you get the drift.

                Now, this brings up the point I want to make today. Do you think this woman would have written this letter if her husband did not have a relationship with this marketer? Probably not. So that’s what I want you to realize as you build your business, especially if it’s an online business, info-marketing business or a network marketing business. In these industries personality really does matter. You’re not going to be able to influence people if you don’t have or show them your personality. Now some people will hate it and some people will love it, your personality that is, but you only focus on the people that love it.

                I hear all the time, if you give value people will continue to buy from you. That is flawed on so many levels. First off, there’s not that much value in the world that will keep your customer forever, but there is your personality. Your personality is how people get to know, like and trust you. Coupled with some cool value that gives them some sort of transformation in their businesses, then you, my friend, are winning. And winning big. Now I’m a Red Skins fan. Have been for a very long time.

                Now, if you’ve been around American football for a while, you know this.   They have been pretty bad for close to a decade now. Yet I stay loyal to them. Do you think it’s because they offer me so much value? Hell no.

                They offer me headaches on most Sundays, but I’ve been committed to them for a long time because of the personalities of the players I’ve grown to like and everything else that comes along with the team. Today’s economy is about the personality business, not the non-personality business. Coupled with value, you can transform your business

                  Being A Know It All Will Execute Your Business “Guillotine Style”

                  January 18, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

                    Acting like you know it all can be the downfall of your business. It’s one of the most dangerous things you can ever think, “that you know it all”. If you notice, every time a powerful person gets to that point where they feel that they know it all and they’re untouchable, they are forcefully removed from their high horses swiftly.

                    It happens every single time. It’s important that when you are building your business, you continue to grow and put in the time and investment to continually learn and get better at your craft. It sucks being a know it all.

                    Think of the story of the know it all dude from the 15th hundreds. The town brought him and two other men who were accused of a crime. One was a wood smith, the other was a priest, and of course there was Mr. Know it all dude.

                    The wood smith was the first. The executioner asked him, “Did you do the crime that you were accused of”? He said no. So, the executioner asked him if he had any last words. The wood smith said, “Yes, I am innocent, and I want to tell my family I love them”. The executioner tied him up and strapped him to the guillotine, and the executioner said to him, “If the guillotine doesn’t kill you, then you must have been innocent”. So, the executioner pulled the blade, and it came down swiftly, but stopped right before it struck him. The executioner said, “You’re free to go. You must be innocent”.

                    The priest was next, and the same question was asked, “Do you have any last words”? He said, “Yes, I love my family, and I’m innocent”. He was tied up in the guillotine, and the leather was pulled, and again, it stopped right before it struck him. The executioner said, “You must be innocent, so you are free to go”.

                    Last was the Mr. Know It All dude, and the executioner said, “Do you have any last words. The Mr. Know It All dude said, “Yes, the reason why the guillotine isn’t working is because there’s a nail that’s stopping it from coming all the way down. Plus, you need to oil up the blade, because it’s rusty, and it makes the blade dull. You also want to hit the leather at a 90 degree angle, because it will increase the speed of the blade as it drops”. “The end”

                    Here’s the point I’m making. If you know it all in your business, you will not be in business for too long. Innovations are taking place every day in our marketplace, and if you want to remain competitive, you better keep on learning and developing your business and your marketing skills. You can start by signing up for the “free eight part series right here.

                      Why your marketing message needs to be simple enough that a sixth grader understands.

                      January 10, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

                        I was talking to my dad a few days back and he was telling me how it would have been cool if I studied medicine and became a doctor, and we would have three doctors in the family.  I said look Pops, that’s what I call him, you wish playboy.  You just want us get together and talk smart people talk.

                        Not happening.  I remember he would take me to his doctor buddies homes when I was younger and they would have conversations that you would need a dictionary and an encyclopedia to understand.  He would say things like species of identical plumage, congregate and close proximity.  What?

                        In sixth graders language, that means bird of a feather flock together.  I would say to him, “why didn’t you just say that instead?”  So it’s safe to say that you will never read an article on new billionaires from my dad because it will go over all of our heads.

                        So here’s my point.  A lot of you are smart and extremely knowledgeable about the products and services you provide, but the customer isn’t.  Do you ever stop and think for a second why Apple and Steve Jobs were so successful, especially during their product launches?  Steve Jobs would always promote the product in terms of a sixth grader language so the customer would understand.  Rather than him saying the new Iphone has 35 gigs capable of high resolution video conversion and 45 mpsg’s that encapsulate the files in gigahertz, who understands that?

                        He should say something like the new Iphone can hold up to 5,000 songs, and you can take a picture underwater.  How simple is that?  It’s about keeping it simple stupid.  Now this method of keeping it simple can give you a lot of flak from other so-called professionals in your industry, but who cares if your customers are happy.

                        Now a really cool dude I know and fellow entrepreneurs saw an ad that we did with me giving Keril rabbit ears.  We all can agree that’s extremely silly right?  So he sent me a message expressing his concerns. His thoughts where “A company where one owner is giving the other owner bunny ears is not going to get the look you want.”  I thanked him for sharing that because I think that he has our best interest at heart.  But here’s what the ad did for us the same day he sent that message.

                        It was our highest converting ad of the day.

                        The reason that ad worked so well was because people can resonate with business owners who are running businesses and still having  tons of fun doing so.  Once your message starts to show people how smart you are, people start to feel a disconnect from you and what you stand for.

                        Alright folks, that’s all I have for you today.  Now I want to hear from you, what are your tips and strategies to resonate with your market?  Leave a message in the comments section and click on the like button, and let’s make this thing go viral, you dig.

                          3 Simple Ways To Fascinate Your Customers

                          January 6, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

                            What’s up. Eric here, and today I’m writing from a secret location. Oh, hell, I’m in the Ice Palace, the home of my friend, Kal-El.

                            You might know him as Superman or Clark Kent. No big deal.

                            I came by to ask him for a refund for watching that bad movie he came out with a couple years back. He’s not trying to pay up, so it’s not like I can do anything about it. He has superpowers and stuff. But, anyway. There’s 100% chance that I’m going to see the next movie he comes out with, and the reason is simple. I’m fascinated with the character of Superman. I still love the character and still look forward to buying the next product: T-shirt, movies, video game, etc, even after that movie. So how can you apply this kind of fascination to your business? First off, don’t make crappy products and services. Let me share with you some really simple and easy ways you can become fascinating as hell in your market place and to your customers.

                            Way One:

                            Become a great storyteller. You’ve heard the old adage: People don’t buy facts and figures. People buy stories. One way to become a great storyteller is to read fairy tales and fictional stories and use those ideas to communicate with your audience, like how I’m doing this Superman Ice Castle bit.

                            Way Two:

                            Get out and talk to people in your market. Engage with them on Facebook, Twitter. Respond to their comments on blog posts. Respond to their letters and messages they send you. Disclaimer: This can also be very dangerous, as well, because there are some time stealer s out there that will send you lots of messages and expect you to respond to all of them.  If you don’t, they take it personally. Most times, those individuals have never done business with you or never do they intend to do business with you, but they just want to impose on your time, so watch out for that.

                            Way Three:

                            Be a little mysterious. Make it kind of elusive for them to figure you out, but not in the weird, freaking people out kind of way. Take, for instance, a guy named Dan Kennedy who I think is one of the greatest marketing minds of our time. He doesn’t use or like to use any type of technology. Now it fascinates me how he can get so much potent messages out to his audience without really leveraging technologies like other marketers. That is some mysterious stuff. I don’t know how that works, but he makes it work.  That’s why he’s so fascinating to me.

                            So that’s all I’ve got for you today. Now I’m taking orders. Those of you who saw the last Superman movie and want to get their refund, let me know now so I can get your refund. Leave me a comment below on how much he owes you, but also leave me a comment about some of your cool tips you use to be fascinating in your market.



                              3 easy productivity tips that works

                              January 4, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

                                Productivity, holly cow, it can be difficult for some people to get things done.  If you constantly find yourself in this kind of predicament, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.  Today, I’m going to show you three of my secrets to having productive days all of the time.  These secrets allowed me to go to Las Vegas for three day last week, doing  all of the partying that the average 30 year old just couldn’t handle, and still getting more stuff done than someone sitting in a cubical  for 8 hours.

                                First rule:

                                Do the most important task first thing in the morning.  The reason to do it first is because 95% of people have the most amount of energy first thing in the morning.   What is the activity that if you get accomplished will add the greatest value to your bottom line?  Do that activity in 50-minutes increments.  You want to blitz that activity like your favorite team’s linebacker does every Sunday to the opposing team’s quarterbacks.  Maybe I shouldn’t make any football references since my team won’t be making the playoffs this year.  Any who!

                                Second Rule:

                                Your emotions must be checked; don’t bring any crappy feelings to your activities.  Think about how you feel when you are performing at your very best.  Don’t you feel “focused, engaged, and confident, in the zone?”  That’s the performance zone.   How you feel is how you’ll perform.  So make sure you get enough rest the night before because fatigue can mess with your emotions.  You also must remember this; your feelings are not depended on what other people do, but rather on what you do; so, it’s your responsibility.

                                Third Rule:

                                Humans are not created with the ability to focus on two things simultaneously; so, if you think multi-tasking is cool, “it’s not.”  If you move your attention quickly between two tasks, as a consequence, you’ll constantly overlook key steps in your activities which will lead to poor results.  Don’t let technology fool you and make you think it’s important to turn on your blackberries, I-phones and/or email alerts during your blitz sessions.  Cut those things off and focus!

                                That’s my three rules, so go and try it starting tomorrow morning.  But here’s my disclaimer, these rules only work with things that you love doing.  So if you wanted to use these rules, make sure you’re doing something you’ll love.  Okay, this post took me 90 minutes of blitz time.  I can’t think anymore, I’m going to take a nap.

                                Good day

                                Eric A.KA.  (Eric productive)  A.K.A (Eric Get Things Done) A.K.A  Eric????” leave me your thoughts on some A.K.A’s I can adopt. LOL


                                  January 4, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips


                                    Everything you do in your business should be on purpose. No money is made by accident.  Well, maybe if you’re walking on the street and you find a dollar bill, that’s by accident.  Someone accidentally dropped it.

                                    Once you find the market that you want to provide your products and service to, it’s important that you pick a persona that you want to present to that market- and you need to pick it purposefully.  You want a persona that is designed to appeal to that particular market.  For example, you are a make-up artist or you sell make-up.  You do not want to have the persona of a football coach when trying to sell make-up.  You know the football coach that screams at everyone or drops the F-bomb every single chance he gets?  You want to use a gentle, elegant persona, like that of Beyonce.  Based on the psychological characteristic of that market, this is what I would assume their thought process will be:  “Beyonce is pretty, so she must know a thing or two about make-up.”  Do you see where I’m going with this?  A majority of your time and energy should be spent trying to figure out how to bring the persona of a Beyonce to your make-up business rather than the persona of a football coach.

                                    If you’re in the physical training business, bring the persona of a Jillian Michaels “Trainer From The Biggest Loser”.  If you have a vodka brand, bring the persona of a P. Diddy.  Do you get what I’m saying?  So what persona do you use for your business?  Have you discovered it yet, or are you still figuring it out?


                                    Quite frankly, your customers don’t care too much about the product or how it’s packaged or how it looks and smells.  The only time they care about that stuff is when there’s no psychological connection with the persona communicating the message to them.  A football coach selling women’s make-up will not get the same result that a Beyonce would get from selling make-up.  In short, spend your time understanding the psychology of your customer and purposely create a persona that can communicate with them on a psychological level.

                                    Now it’s your turn to chime in.  What are your thoughts on this article?  Do you think it’s true, or do you think I’m full of crap?  Either way, let me know.  There’s enough room in the comments section to explain yourself, so shoot.  Oh yeah, make sure to share the the post. Until next time, this is  e.k.l