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Patrick Maser Talking About Building Your Networkmarketing Business the Right Way

December 1, 2014 in MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

How To Make It In America EP08: How To Go From Hating Mondays To Loving Mondays (Understanding Buffer Days and how to maxmize weekly result so you can live like a top earner)

June 10, 2014 in MAGAZINE


    You ever had a week where you accomplish absolutely nothing and you don’t know why? I’ve been there and I know how it feels! You shake your head in disgust and try to figure out why. You try and retrace your steps. You vow to yourself that the same thing won’t happen the following week, but it does! Today we will discuss one of the symptoms; lack of planning. To take it a step further and go even deeper it is a lack of planning to plan. If you don’t take a look at your week ahead and plan out your activities you won’t reach you goals and even if you do, it will take you twice as long as it should. Let’ think about those who make a ton of money like football players and other athletes. There are periods where they plan, review, and even rest. They might watch film, review plays,  clean up mistakes from the previous game, and then psychologically get ready for the opponent the following week. Then there are also periods where they must take massive action. An example of a football player taking massive action would be when they actually play the football games.  If you want to be a highly paid individual you must think the same way. There should be a time to plan, take action, assess  and review. Monday should be reserved for the planning, assessing, and review so you make incremental steps to improving you activities and thought processes which will eventually get you to your goals quicker. Once  you start moving closer to your goals life gets more exciting doesn’t it? Try using a buffer day this upcoming Monday and let us know how the week goes for you. I already have a clue that it is going to be amazing. Talk Soon. Your Friend Keril Sawyerr.

      How To Make It In America EP07: How to Architect and Structure Your Life to hit Your Goals and Live Fabolously(Higher Level Thinking)

      June 10, 2014 in MAGAZINE

        I was reading “Principles” by Ray Dalio who is a multi billionaire and he talks about a concept called the” two you’s.” In order to understand what he means let’s take a look at your goals. Are you hitting them? If not, why not? Who’s fault is it? Is it your bosses? Your Mom’s fault? Your Dad’s fault? Your friends? Of course not. As a matter of fact, you already know the answer; it’s your fault. But guess what? Today you are in luck because, I ‘m going to show you how to start getting closer to hitting your goals more consistently.Now let’s get down to business.

        Now if you are going to start hitting goals more consistently you need to understand that there are “two you’s”. They are the “you” that is in the mix and the
        “you” that can stand back a look at a situation objectively. Personally, I like to call it this the “architect, engineer, programmer” principle. Think about how a business works from a technology perspective. A business usually has computers, internet, wifi, and laptops, blackberries, iphones. The purpose of all these things is to enable the business to serve customers and generate profit from the value they provide. Who designs all these technological components to work together? The answer is the architect. He essentially lays out all the plans which also dictates who the company will need to hire to accomplish their net income targets. Once the architect lays out the plans then the manager and human resources can specifically hire the people who are needed to execute the technology architecture. So if you have blackberries you will need a black berry engineer, if you have customized applications you will need programmers. If you running Microsoft applications you will need Microsoft administrators. Without planning and architecting the system it is super difficult to know what the business will need in order to be successful…at least from a technological perspective.

        Another example of this would be if you were a general in the army and your objective was to take a the hill from an enemy. You might need three infantry men, two snipers for long range shooting, and Jack Bauer from 24…hahaha. But’s it is up to you as the general to make sure you have the right pieces.

        Now let’s tie this in to your goals. Think of yourself as the architect and you are putting your goals in a machine. How you design of the machine and the people who you leverage to make the machine work will determine your outcome. If you don’t reach your goals and you aren’t hitting a certain outcome you need to design a better machine. You may need to make adjustments to the machine or make adjustments to personnel until you will slowly move towards getting the outcome you really want. If you aren’t reaching your goals it means your machine needs some tweaking or some adjusting.

        Action Plan: Look at your goals and look at the “machine” you are putting them in. What adjustments do you need to make to your machine in order to get closer to your goals? If you don’t have goals, now would be a good time to start. Do it now, Do it now, Do it now! If you like this content and want more like it then you need to click the link below and go to our page to subscribe. It’s somewhere on this page. Find it my friend. Talk soon.

          How To Make It In America EP06: Why You Should Always Be Curious

          May 28, 2014 in Life, MAGAZINE, Mindset, Motivation, Psychology of the Successful

            I just read a book called “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character)” and it is what inspired this video. The concept is relatively simple, but not a lot of people pratice it. Richard Feyman is curious about everyting. When he sees a flower it is not sure a flower, but he thinks about the cell structure, the molecules, how it gets sunlight, how long it survives, etc, etc. A millionaire mentor of mine once told me that one of the key attributes of success was to be curious about everything and to keep asking yourself questions. By doing this you are able to dive deeper in to any given obstacle and come up with a better understanding of the what the possible solution might be. Watch this video to learn more.

              How To Make It In America EP05: Why Understanding the Psychology of Winning is the Key to Your Success

              May 27, 2014 in Life, MAGAZINE, Motivation, Psychology of the Rich, Psychology of the Successful

                Success and winning may not be easy, but what you need to understand is that it is a psychological battle more than anything else. I mean even Charlie Sheen knows that! :-) Most limitations are self imposed. The way to break out of these self imposed limitations is to understand the pyschology of winning which is discussed in this video. Enjoy1 If you like this content and want to get updated weekly you can subscribe to our newsletter. :-)

                  How To Make It In America EP04: How Miscalculating the Hard Work it Takes to Actually Reach Your Goals is Affecting You

                  May 27, 2014 in Book Reviews, MAGAZINE, Mindset, Motivation, Psychology of the Rich, Psychology of the Successful

                    Your goals are going to take you longer than you think they are. I know you don’t want to hear it, but it is the truth in most cases. Based on “mainstream” society programming a lot of people think that there are shortcuts you can take to acheive the goals they want to accomplish. Instead of buckling down and doing the hard work they are spending most of their time looking for an easier way. Even if you were able to find a shortcut or catch a lucky break you wouldn’t be able to repeat your success. When you systematically and diligently reach your goals, you can not only duplicate them, but you can teach others. Let us take lottery winners for example. They don’t know anything about wealth and usually have not been good at managing money. This is why most of them end up losing their wealth relatively quickly. By miscalulating the work and effort it takes to really achieve your goals you are making life harder than it has to be. If you want to learn more watch the video. :-)

                      My ex-girlfriend told me it’s the little things that matter: “I say B.S” (THE SLIGHT EDGE THEORY)

                      April 11, 2014 in MAGAZINE

                        new video

                        I said B.S initially, but as I reflected on this, I started to realize that she was right. The little things do matter. Oh well, now that I know, I can do better. That was the best piece of advice I heard over 15 years ago.

                        So let’s talk about why the little things do matter and how to apply this slight edge concept to your day to day activities. Success is based on your individual goals and desires out of life. When I refer to success, think of what success means to you, only you can determine that.

                        Trust me, you can apply this to any aspect of your life. Whether it’s in your MLM business, your love life, or your desire to become a world class badminton champion, whatever it is, use this concept.

                        Oh what, I’m the only one that wants to become a badminton world class athlete? Now that’s the true B.S, I know you want too as well. Everyone loves that sport.

                        But I digress, here’s today’s video, enjoy.

                        P.S… Seriously, is badminton really a sport?

                        P.P.S…………… I’m serious, I really don’t know.

                          The Top 100 Most Influential People in Your Network

                          March 3, 2014 in How to Get Rich, MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips


                            Every business has a top 100 list of prospects that can change their business. How much time and effort do most businesses spend marketing to these prospects? The answer is very little. Now let’s talk about your network marketing business. How much time are you spending marketing to your 100 most influential prospects? The answer is probably very little. While you must prospect and talk to a lot of people in order to be successful in network marketing you should also have a list of the 100 most influential people in your network. These are the people that when they decide to join you, your business will explode and you would BOTH make a lot of money. Examples of influential people would be real estate brokers who have a lot of real estate agents working for them, real estate agents with a big book of business that would be willing to call their clients, pastor’s who are looking to help their congregation become financially free, club promoters, community leaders, and lobbyist. Now here is what I want you to do. Make a list of your top 100 influential people in your network. Reach out them and expose them to your business and put them in your CRM system to follow up with at least once a month. If 10 percent of these people got in your business in any given year and follow a winning system where would your business be? Exactly, don’t waste another second. Make that list. :-)

                              Sometimes You Have To Just “Do It”

                              January 29, 2014 in MAGAZINE


                                Hey guys, I watched this post today and it made me think of you. I know that sometimes it is difficult to see the finish line, but that is because in the game of life there isn’t really a “finish line.” You keep hustling until the job gets done. Then you find another mission to focus on. This video is just motivation to work until the job get done. Enjoy!

                                  How Watching the Movie the “Wolf of Wallstreet” Can Teach You About the Importance of Promoting Events

                                  December 17, 2013 in Advice, Business Advice, MAGAZINE

                                    The Wolf of Wall Street

                                    Can I be honest with you? I sucked at network marketing for a while. I didn’t fully commit. I didn’t put in the necessary time and energy it took to yield the results I “said” I wanted. One of the areas I didn’t focus on was promoting events because I didn’t realize the importance of events. Listen closely; events will get your whole organization on the same page. Events will motivate your team. Events will make everyone money. The company I am currently in does events major four times a year. On top of this, my team does local events every week. When a large portion of my team attends these events I notice a huge spike in production and a large portion of my team get the results they want. When my team doesn’t attend events our results are…well…meh. In the game of network marketing no events means no big money because now you have to train and motivate everyone individually..not  easily duplicated.


                                    In the book Wolf of Wallstreet, Jordan Belfort said he motivated his team twice a day.. not once, but twice a day. People need to be reminded of the mission, their goals, and their “why”. I won’t get in the neuroscience behind it, but it needs to happen. Church typically meets one a week which helps people stay on track with the religious principles they being taught. Alcohol anonymous meets multiple times a week to help alcoholics stay sober. You and your team should meet once a week and attend EVERY major event your company has. Go watch Wolf of Wallstreet and learn how to promote and motivate like Jordan Belfort. Specifically pay attention to how Jordan Belfort built his organization. Look for the principles and the process. Study it. Practice it. Teach it. Now with that said, Jordan Belfort went to jail so ignore all the illegal activities he used. Please. :-)