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Patrick Maser Talking About Building Your Networkmarketing Business the Right Way

December 1, 2014 in MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

Secrets of Successful Network Marketers Interview Series EP01: Brian Carruthers shares how he made fifteen million dollars in network marketing by helping others and why he wrote the book”Building An Emipre”

March 29, 2014 in How to Get Rich, Network Marketers Interviews, Network Marketing Tips



    Before we start today we would like to give a special thanks to Dan Maisano for introducing us to Brian Carruthers. Brian Carruthers is a successful network marketer who has made over 15 million dollars in the industry and recently wrote a book called Building An Empire which you can pick up at this link (http://www.amazon.com/Building-Empire-Complete-Blueprint-Marketing-ebook/dp/B00HRF3HJC). He has time, money, freedom, and multiple houses, and lives the life he dreamed of. He accomplished this by helping other people achieve their dreams. In this interview Brian share the following:

    • Why he thought network marketing was the right path when his family already had a successful business
    • Reasons why it makes sense for you to start a network marketing business
    • Why he wrote is new book, “Building An Empire
    • He shares tips on how to have massive success in network marketing
    • He shares the books that he reads
    • How to explode your network marketing business
    • One of the main secret to success in network marketing

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      The Top 100 Most Influential People in Your Network

      March 3, 2014 in How to Get Rich, MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips


        Every business has a top 100 list of prospects that can change their business. How much time and effort do most businesses spend marketing to these prospects? The answer is very little. Now let’s talk about your network marketing business. How much time are you spending marketing to your 100 most influential prospects? The answer is probably very little. While you must prospect and talk to a lot of people in order to be successful in network marketing you should also have a list of the 100 most influential people in your network. These are the people that when they decide to join you, your business will explode and you would BOTH make a lot of money. Examples of influential people would be real estate brokers who have a lot of real estate agents working for them, real estate agents with a big book of business that would be willing to call their clients, pastor’s who are looking to help their congregation become financially free, club promoters, community leaders, and lobbyist. Now here is what I want you to do. Make a list of your top 100 influential people in your network. Reach out them and expose them to your business and put them in your CRM system to follow up with at least once a month. If 10 percent of these people got in your business in any given year and follow a winning system where would your business be? Exactly, don’t waste another second. Make that list. :-)

          7 Easy Fascinating Triggers Series Ep 02

          December 12, 2012 in NBTV, Network Marketing Tips

            Part II:

            If you want to be able to create a sustainable online business, you need to understand how to fascinate people. If you want to write captivating headlines, you need to make them fascinating. If you want to be fascinating to your clients and have it translate to a fat bank account, you need to understand these 7 simple triggers.

            Video 1: 7 Easy Fascinating Triggers Video Series Ep 01

              Yeah Obama Won, But He Can’t Help You With This!!!!!!

              November 7, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE, NBTV, Network Marketing Tips, Social Media

                If you see this often enough, you’re bound to be sick to your stomach.

                In this short video, Keril and I backtrack to about 3 years ago, when I would always call and ask him to transfer 100 bucks into my account so those NSF Fees wouldn’t hit. I was lucky and fortunate to have a friend that I could rely on who had the capabilities and means to help me during those tough times.

                At some point, you hit the threshold and can’t take it anymore, and then you start looking for other options.

                One of those options has been starting my very own online business. Like you, I needed to start my own business and I desperately needed it to work. I had no other options– it was either that, or pretty much lose everything I’ve worked for over the previous seven years.

                As much as I needed this to work, I didn’t have a clue on how to get started. I’ve heard about PPC CCP, OPD, GDS and all these other acronyms that made absolutely no sense to me. I heard about article marketing, video marketing, customer conversions, affiliate marketing, joint-ventures, “before, during and after units,” keyword research, SEO. Imagine how overwhelmed I was. The sad thing about this whole story is that I didn’t even know what service or product I wanted to provide. At this point, you can see I’m getting pissed off and thinking about quitting even before getting started.

                I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. How you feel right now, is just how I felt 3 years ago. So here’s the deal, the videos that Keril and I have put together are designed for that feeling. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started, had your online business for a while and are not getting the results you want, or you have been toying around with the idea of starting. Whatever part of the spectrum you’re on, just know that it’s possible to gain the success you want once you get the clarity you need to create your very own online business.

                Here’s the exciting part, your business can be anything you want–anything that’s exciting to you! You just have to want to do it. The Internet can provide you with all of the material desires, lifestyle desires, and opportunity you’ve been wanting once you understand and embrace the principles of the online business world.

                Click on the link and watch the video. Keril and I are going to have an open conversation with you, so you can determine if an online business is something that you can take advantage of. This video will only be up for a limited time. Watch now!

                  Marketing For New Business Video Series Ep 3: Launching a product or service

                  March 27, 2012 in NBTV, Network Marketing Tips

                    In today’s “Marketing for New Business” video series, we’re focusing on lunch. I think a chicken-cheese-steak with salad and a Pepsi sound great right about now.

                    Opps, Keril just told me that it’s about “launch”, like launching a new product or services, not lunch, sorry about that people.

                    Let me ask you a question; do you have any products from apple? Have you ever wonder why people stand in line for hours when a new iphone or ipad comes out? It’s because apple has perfected the launching-a-product process.

                    So today, in the third episode of the “Marketing for New Business Video Series”, we’re going to share with you the third simple strategy to help you get results in 2012 and beyond.

                    Today’s video is all about launching a product or service.

                      Why Your Online Business Might Not Be a Business

                      March 15, 2012 in MAGAZINE, NBTV, Network Marketing Tips

                        I’m going to ruffle some feathers with this one, but don’t blame me. Blame Hannah Sanford for asking this question.
                        Just joking. Don’t blame her.

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                        As controversial as this title might be, it’s something that needs to be addressed and today, we’re diving into it. Now, if you are interested in creating your very own online business, then this could be the one secret that could change everything for you.

                        On a side note, I also blatantly disrespect Keril and he was so upset that he called me out. Now, if you want to know what was said or what I did, you would just have to watch the video now, won’t you. So in this second Q and A video, we cover why an online business might not be a business. Enjoy.

                          Business doesn’t always run so smoothly…. Q&A with Eric and Keril

                          March 13, 2012 in MAGAZINE, NBTV, Network Marketing Tips, Social Media

                            Hey, what’s up, people? This week we wanted to share some of the questions that we’ve been getting from a lot of our readers and subscribers. So, this video is designed  to give you some answers to commonly asked questions that we get asked, and to kind of help you work through those sticking points.

                            This is part one of our three-part  — Q and A session with Keril and I.  Hope you enjoy. I will talk to you soon.

                            As always, leave your comments below this video and make sure to share so we can go viral with this thing . Alright, talk to you soon.

                              Why Posting Buy My Tool Or Join My Ground Floor Opportunity Links On Facebook “WILL NEVER WORK”

                              March 3, 2012 in MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

                                Imagine this, you’re going to a football game like this, and you start screaming at the top of your lungs trying to get the attention of the TV camera.  You’re wearing the same yellow color that everyone else is wearing.  Do you think you will be noticed?

                                The answer is hell no.  This leads me to what I want to talk about today.  Sharing links of your opportunity in social media is something that never works, and will never work.  Here’s why; it’s like trying to fit in with the crowd in the stadium, and screaming at the top of your lungs for someone to buy from you, or join your opportunity.

                                In the media revolution days with TV, radio, and newspaper ads, this could have worked.  But now people just ignore you when you shout at them to buy from you.    People listen to those individuals they know, like, and trust.

                                I wanted to prove my point so I created some links to different sales pages, put some analytics on them to track the amount of visitors, and the amount of products we sold.  I posted the link over 325 times on different Facebook groups, and fan pages.  Out of 325 links I posted, I was able to track four visitors, and no sales.  I could continue to test, but I don’t think the numbers are going to change.  If you want to create results in your business, here are a few things you can start doing right now on social media, rather than posting spammy type links for people to buy from you.

                                Rather than posting opportunity links, why not post an article link educating your audience on four business ideas that requires little to no investment, and how they can determine if it’s for them or not.

                                Rather than posting a bunch of spam type links on Facebook groups and fan pages, why not create your own group or fan page.  Create a fan base through cheap ads, educate them, and then tell them what to do next.  Create a capture page on your Facebook fan page that could drive them onto your list.   Here are a few resources you can use to create capture pages on Facebook.

                                Fanpage Engine

                                Five Minute Fanpage


                                Then take that online list, and bring it offline by creating meet-up events to take the relationship building process to the next level.  If you think you are going to build a sustainable business with people you never meet, or build a relationship with, then you won’t be in business for too long.

                                Me personally, I’m going to go into all of my groups, and fan pages, and delete all of those useless, and non-value driven links that just defeats the purpose of creating a group or fanpage.  If you have a group or fanpage with the same problem, I suggest you do the same thing because it’s driving your audience away.

                                  I Didn’t Expect That Business Model:

                                  February 16, 2012 in Branding, MAGAZINE, Network Marketing Tips

                                    Embrace it or else your business will fail within the next 6 to 18 months.Ever heard of the company Zappos and how it was bought out by Amazon for a cool $1B. You might say yeah, Zappos is that online shoe store that sells shoes like everyone else. That’s where you might get this wrong because everyone else sells shoes, but Zappos has one secret that blows their competition out of the water.

                                    Let me ask you a question, have you ever picked up someone from the airport and asked them how was their flight? Has anyone given you this answer, “We didn’t crash and burn so it was great” You never hear someone say that because that’s what is expected when you take a flight. You don’t talk about the service you pay for and expect. All we are going to talk about are the extras, the bonuses, the free prizes, and the part of the service that’s over the top for no good reason. You can either build this into your business on purpose or you can hope to get lucky, but more often than not, your luck will run out.

                                    Zappos built this into their business on purpose. CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh took a lot of the marketing budget to bribe and train his team to spend hours on the phone, in chat rooms, with angry customers. He realized that if he could overwhelm people who took the time to call Zappos, that people would talk about it. One of his stories from the early days was about a woman, who would always buy a $300 pair of shoes every Monday, wear it Tuesday through Thursday, and send them back for a full refund on Friday to take advantage of their return policy. In most businesses, if someone was stealing from you at this level you would flag their account and never sell them shoes again. But Zappos kept letting this happen. If this woman was busy bragging about how she was ripping off Zappos every day, most people are honest enough not to-do it. But they would be amazed how generous Zappos ‘ return policy is.
                                    That’s what people would talk about.

                                    Your turn:

                                    What do you think of this didn’t expect that business model. How do you think it could work for you? What bonuses or extras do you have in your business that people can start talking about. Do you think it could work in your industry? I’m anxious to hear from you, so leave me your comments in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share the post as well.

                                    Talk soon, EKL.