Secrets of Successful Network Marketers Interview Series EP01: Brian Carruthers shares how he made fifteen million dollars in network marketing by helping others and why he wrote the book”Building An Emipre”

March 29, 2014 in How to Get Rich, Network Marketers Interviews, Network Marketing Tips



    Before we start today we would like to give a special thanks to Dan Maisano for introducing us to Brian Carruthers. Brian Carruthers is a successful network marketer who has made over 15 million dollars in the industry and recently wrote a book called Building An Empire which you can pick up at this link ( He has time, money, freedom, and multiple houses, and lives the life he dreamed of. He accomplished this by helping other people achieve their dreams. In this interview Brian share the following:

    • Why he thought network marketing was the right path when his family already had a successful business
    • Reasons why it makes sense for you to start a network marketing business
    • Why he wrote is new book, “Building An Empire
    • He shares tips on how to have massive success in network marketing
    • He shares the books that he reads
    • How to explode your network marketing business
    • One of the main secret to success in network marketing

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