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Keril Sawyerr

After a civil war in Liberia left his family without a home, Keril moved to the United States in 1990. After pursing a master’s in information systems at Towson University, he gained employment with Cisco Systems in 2005 as a sales engineer. He has since then made a successful transition in technology sales and owning a couple of companies. Always looking to improve himself, he constantly sought after the best mentors in his fields. One of those mentors recommended a book called Think and Grow Rich; that is when it all changed. After reading this book and implementing some of the strategies, he realized that anything that someone dreamed up could be achieved if they followed a certain system. He also realized that the meaning of life was to continue to strive and reach for one’s full potential in order to contribute to the greater whole.

Always an entrepreneur at heart, he started a couple of companies and very successfully ran them into the ground until he started New Billionaires, a company that would educate and teach entrepreneurs everything they needed to know to reach their highest potential in their endeavors, with his business partner Eric. For Keril, being an entrepreneur means creating value for the world to help make peoples’ lives better. It’s about a mission and dream. It’s about changing the world and having fun in the process. He works closely with clients of all ranges from large corporations to entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

In addition to being a principal at New Billionaires and an IT professional, Keril is also a speaker, real estate investor, extreme sports enthusiast, and a philanthropist. He realizes that the most important thing you can do in life is give back. He supports many charities, but has fallen in love with Charity Water, an organization that provides clean drinking water for children in Africa. Ten percent of all proceeds from New Billionaires go directly to Charity Water. He currently resides in Laurel, Maryland.