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Eric Kai-Lewis

Eric grew up in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. Like many Liberians, his family was forced to flee their country due to a violent civil war. As a young boy, Eric was among the fortunate Liberians that made it out of a war-torn country to a land of opportunity, the United States of America.

Eric and his family took refuge halfway around the world and had to rebuild from scratch. With hard work, Eric enrolled in college where he majored in Computer Information Science. During his college years, majority of Eric’s conversations with Keril, now his business partner, were centered on how they could go about building their own business. Their ideas were often elaborate and all well thought out. But there was always one problem — finding the capital to get started.

After graduating from college, Eric enrolled at Johns Hopkins University where he acquired his master’s degree from the Carey Business School while working in the real estate and Information Technology industries. Eric experienced great success in the corporate world but, struggled trying to grow a real estate business. He even tried his hand in the Direct Marketing industry, but that business fell on hard times as well.

With the success Eric had in the corporate world, he put his entrepreneurial ventures on hold. This allowed him to reflect on some of the successes and failures and what he could do differently if another opportunity presented itself.

After years of pursuing his personal goals, Eric reconnected with Keril as soon as he realized that they both still had an unwavering desire to build something from the ground up that they could call their own. Like Keril, during his stint away from entrepreneurship, Eric spent countless hours reading, taking courses and studying the materials from some of the world’s top marketers and sales experts. Eric knew that this time around, things would be a lot different, and he was right. Now, Eric and Keril educate and teach their methods to entrepreneurs in all industries to help them generate immediate sales for their business.

Eric is also an emerging philanthropist as he’s doing his part to give back to different causes including raising money for clean drinking water & education in his homeland of Liberia as well as other parts of Africa. Eric currently lives in the Washington DC metropolitan area.